A Visit to the Lindt and Sprüngli Chocolateria

  • 19. Dezember 2019

As students from Australia attending FGZ as part of the German language exchange program, we had heard good things about Switzerland’s chocolate, and we were lucky enough to visit the Lindt and Sprüngli chocolate factory, sponsored by Herr Sprüngli himself, to see (and taste!) for ourselves. Thank you, Herr Sprüngli!

We took the tram and the bus to get to the factory. We could actually smell the chocolate in the air as we came closer, so we were all quite excited about that. A bear sculpture was standing in front of the building, so we knew we were at the Sprüngli factory. Indeed, it was exciting!

We went in, finding the red and gold Christmas decorations that were everywhere beautiful; nevertheless, we continued upstairs. There, we met our chocolatiers who would be helping us with the chocolate. Health was of course important, so we had to wash our hands and put on white aprons and chef hats with the Lindt logo on them. Yes, we looked a bit strange, but everything was very professional and we were there to have fun anyway.  When we were ready, the door opened ... and then we really got down to business.

First, we made the chocolate bears. To make a bear, you have to pour chocolate into a mold, so we did that. We were allowed to decorate the bears ourselves however we wanted. Some people wanted to be careful and decorate the bears intricately while others preferred to make a few jokes with the bears. Some of us even did both. We were looking forward to seeing the results!

Then, we decorated the chocolate pralines. The chocolatiers showed us how to decorate the small pieces of chocolate; for example, we were able to dip the chocolates, drizzle them with chocolate and decorate them with toppings. It could be a bit tricky because the chocolates were relatively small, but it was still a lot of fun.

Eventually, we had decorated all our chocolates and our bears were ready to eat. We wrapped them up and sealed them each with a Sprüngli sticker. After that we thanked the chocolatiers and said goodbye. Overall, it was a good experience that we all really enjoyed; one could say that the visit was not only fun and educational but also delicious. We sincerely thank Frau Schmidt and Herr Sprüngli for making this trip possible!