Post Pandemic Poems

  • 20. April 2021

The students in the bilingual profile of G3ef wrote post pandemic poems as a way to lighten the load and prepare for a more rosy future. Here is a small sampling of the students’ creativity.


The time that was

by Barbara Barnard

There had been a time I flew across a land unclean
Where every breath I inhaled was tainted with toxins
From structures and buildings, their morals forgotten
And I could feel my lungs tearing at the seams

What I heard was once a crystal clear Eden
With glorious coral reefs and dolphins for days
Has turned into a grey and wounded wasteland
A vastness of polluted haze

From the wall in the East to the sea in the South
Following nature’s course, twice a year this trip I take
Resting my head without uncertainty or doubt
That nothing would change in the world after I wake


There was a time the world blew up in a cloud of white smoke
The streets were barren as if everyone had committed a crime
Isolated in their boxes a change it did evoke
As above my head blue started to materialize
As if looking up for the very first time

Peering into the windows, I came across a puzzling sight
Empty faces wearing sorrow and despair as if they had mourned
Paused in perplexity I was unable to read the lines in between
For why are they all sulking when the world has been cleansed

The heavens cried tears of joy rejuvenating forgotten existence
Free of noise and hazards, the engines switched off and the planes were grounded
The world kept turning and people kept their distance
As the colours bloomed and all nature abounded


This is now the time of my disappointment as the realization occurs
Their smiles unmasked and their hibernation ended
The dream in between now only a blur
And the contaminated grey cloud slowly re-extended

The virus has gone but my fear has returned
Sitting in my nest with the smell of plastic being burned
As I see the machines and their daunting jaws
Now I’m here, back in the time that had been, reminiscing about the time that was



Post Pandemic Poem

by Valentin Bürgi

It’s hard to believe but some day we’ll be liberated from the curse of Covid 19.
We’ll be able to eat in a restaurant, to meet and love our friends and relatives and to walk without a barrier before our faces like before.
No, I don’t like to use the term “like before“ nothing will be the same.
Even though the majority will be vaccinated, unfortunately there won’t ever be a vaccine against grief and loss, these are fates we’ll carry to our grave.
However, I don’t want to only refer to negative aspects of Covid 19.
Some people will be able to pursue new found interests and will go out of this pandemic with closer friends.

The corona virus attacks our body as well as our psyche.
Our immune system is weakened and broken down while our brain fights against fear and insanity.
Some manage to escape the vicious circle but many are still captured by it.
It’s frightening how a little thing we can’t even see by our naked eye can shut down and erupt a whole wondrous world.
Furthermore, it dug an even deeper valley between the wealthy and the poor.
“I can’t breathe” we’ll be symbolic for several things in the corona age.
The lung disease, the eagerness to breathe through the masks and George Floyd’s painful death.
Though we often think this occurs once in a century there’ll be sooner than we think a COVID 2.0 hopefully with less consequences to the economy and less people losing their loved ones.