A very special birthday for our principal!

  • 25. November 2016
  • Autor: Toby Tichy (U25)

It was Friday. As the 10:00 break approached, the voices outside the headmaster's office became louder and louder. Balloons were everywhere and kids already started inhaling their helium, and honestly I cannot recall how many times I heard someone say "hello" in that high pitched voice. Then Mr Müller went to the office and lured Mr Bernet out of his office. I will never forget the look on his face when he saw the huge crowd of people standing in front of the piano singing Happy Birthday, Herr Bernet.

I have to pat the teachers on their backs because this was really something you will experience once in a long time. Mrs Zanoli came to congratulate him. Then, with a loud cheer, it was all over