FGZ-Students engaging in climate debate

  • 04. September 2017

Over the course of the past year we worked closely together with scientists who are experts in the field of renewable energy and climate change. This was organised by an organisation that goes by the name of Prometeruse. Their network of educational institutions introduces adolescents to the fundamental building blocks of the alteration of the biosphere: themselves.

During this time we visited the Paul Scherrer Institute to learn more about the newest advancements in solar technology as well as to see their solar furnace and various energy plants. We had multiple experts in the fields of climate change and sustainable energy sources, who gave us unique insights into what is and can be done in the future to combat greenhouse emissions. In different stages they taught us about the causes, effects and possible solutions to combat global warming. They did this using fun, interesting and interactive learning tools such as kahoot as well as well structured and captivating power point presentations.

Special thanks to our wonderful instructor Benedict O’Donnel and our teacher Miss Behzadi.