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FGZ Penpal Project with Children in Cameroon. An interesting visitor

  • 13. December 2019
  • Author: Leo Köster and Franco Otero, P2c

On Thursday, Lydia, a lady from Cameroon, came to talk to us about the situation there. Cameroon is a country in the heart of Africa that has been divided into ten regions. Eight of which are French-speaking and the remaining two speak English. Lydia, herself, comes from the English part. The francophones (French-speaking) government is oppressing the anglophones (English-speaking people). Most people outside of Cameroon do not know about the situation in the country as it is not covered by media. This has been going on for about fifty years but started escalating about four years ago. Lydia talked to us about growing up in Cameroon and that she worries constantly for the safety of her mother and other family members. Often they have no means of contact when the government cut off the electricity and internet. Lydia explained the situation, answered our questions but also told us about her people, who love football and to laugh.

In Bamenda, the third largest city of Cameroon, a woman called Bernadette Wendi started an ‘organization’ called The Chosen Children’s Club as part of an organization called ACTWID which supports women in the community. This club helps children who are in need of support. For the past seven years, our school has supported this organization and send money to help these children in Cameroon.

On Monday, 16th December 2019, G2c and P2c are organizing a Bake Sale to raise money to send The Chosen Children Club in Bamenda. We hope that you will help us support all these children in need by simply purchasing a piece of cake, a cookie, a muffin or two!

If you have taken the time to read this, we would also like to thank you.