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There are six teachers in the Chemistry team.  Our interdisciplinary orientation is particularly reflected in the fact that four of these teachers also teach Biology.

We find it important that students experience chemistry on various levels and that they grasp the far-reaching significance of chemistry in our world. The experience of the experiment is often the focal point of our lessons. However, not for its own sake or as a show but rather as the basis of understanding chemical processes. In addition we attempt to make chemistry imaginable on a model-like particle level, explainable somewhat abstractly on the basis of the structure of the atom or finally understandable on a more formal level as a chemical equation. It is key for us to show that chemistry plays an important role everywhere around us and in us; in the environment, in nature, in our own bodies both in health and illness, in medicine and in technology.  Computer-aided measuring, teaching and learning are a matter of course for us. Our over-arching objective is to give our students another piece of the mosaic in their world view from a natural science point of view and to prepare them as well as possible for studies in medicine, natural sciences, materials sciences or engineering.

Students have two lessons of chemistry a week as a basic subject. In the 5th class they work in the chemistry laboratory for one whole term learning how to handle chemicals carefully, doing research-learning experimentation while, in the process, acquiring more in-depth theoretical knowledge. From the 4th class, students choosing the core subject Biology & Chemistry have two or three (6th class) further chemistry lessons a week, mainly involving research-based practical work in the laboratory.

Chemistry teachers

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