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The aim of Music as a subject is to foster creativity in our students. It should also trigger astonishment, recognition and understanding of works of art. Active music-making strengthens important social skills. 

The choir is aimed at students who enjoy singing. The objective is to perform a wide range of works, from the classical to the modern, on a project basis in large-scale concerts - sometimes in collaboration with the Theaterwerkstatt Freies Gymnasium Zürich drama society.

FGZ-Horns&Strings is a musical ensemble that is dedicated to the interpretation of modern music. Freies Gymnasium Zürich is also home to a variety of rock bands which devote their time to exploring a wide range of music and styles that correspond to the students' individual tastes in music. They perform regularly at school events, such as opening ceremonies at the beginning of term and Matura celebrations. 


Music teachers

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