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Keeping ahead of the game

Not many would dispute the fact that the English language has become indispensable in our global world, and FGZ continues its pioneering role in promoting the language on different levels (ESL & EFL).

Our aim is to develop language skills, introduce students to various literary and factual text types, as well as to cultivate cultural awareness.

English is taught as an integral part of the school’s curriculum, but students of all levels have the opportunity to benefit from English spoken in their immediate environment. FGZ was one of the first schools to introduce a bilingual programme in 1997. This programme goes from strength to strength enabling students to continue higher education at top universities around the world.

Students are encouraged to borrow books from the English Language Library and are given the opportunity to sit international exams. In 4th year, they can apply to take part in language and cultural exchanges with our partner schools in Australia and Singapore.

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Exchange programme