Student Exchange Programme

Student Exchange Programme

A selected number of students receive the opportunity to participate in our student exchange programme during their 4th year at FGZ with a partner school in Australia.

The exchanges are reciprocal. Our students go to school and stay with a host family and in return our families agree to host the visiting student during his/her stay in Switzerland. At present, we offer exchanges with two partner schools in Sydney.

The purpose of these exchanges is not only to improve our students’ command of the English language, but they are also seen as an important personal and cultural experience.

The exchanges are open to both bilingual and monolingual students. However, it is important that FGZ hosting families speak German at home.


An administration fee of CHF 1'200 is charged by the school. Travel arrangements and possible extra-curricular activities organised by the school are billed directly to parents before the trip.


Information will be given at the 3rd year parents evenings. Further information will be sent by the school to all 3rd year students in February, asking interested students to apply for a place. Places will be offered to candidates in May/June. The number of places available vary from year to year depending on the demand, also from our partner schools.

The exchanges then take place during 4th year.


  • A 12-week exchange with Sydney Grammar School, Sydney, Australia. This exchange is open to students who show strong academic performance as well as excellent social skills. The visiting students spend time in Switzerland September-December and our students’ return visit takes place February-April.
  • A 4-week exchange with Sydney Grammar or St. Catherine’s Waverly, Sydney, Australia. This exchange is open to students who show solid academic performance as well as good social skills. The visiting Sydney Grammar students spend time in Switzerland December-January. All our students’ visit Sydney in April-May. The visiting St. Catherine’s students return with our students May-June.

We are at present looking into options of extending our exchange programme to include other countries in 2024.

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