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FGZ Alumni Regulars Table

Those who are up for it meet in the Münsterhof restaurant on the first Wednesday of the month. This is the perfect opportunity for former students to exchange the latest news or to chat about old times. A table is reserved from 6pm with members paying for their own drinks.


About FGZ Alumni

FGZ Alumni is the association of former students of Freies Gymnasium Zürich. It was founded in 1925 and aims to foster personal contact among former students, as well as with the school itself. FGZ Alumni also supports Freies Gymnasium Zürich in fulfilling its important tasks, in particular by making contributions to certain individual projects. (Extract from association's statutes).

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Become a member of FGZ Alumni

A good 1,300 former students are already members of the Alumni association. Why don't you also become a member by registering today?

After leaving FGZ, each graduate becomes a member of FGZ Alumni for one year free of charge. From the second year a contribution of CHF 50 is charged. It is always possible to join at a later point in time.


2020 General Meeting

For the first time, this year's General Meeting will not take place within the walls of FGZ. What is more, it will be in spring for the first time. Details to follow. Members of FGZ Alumni are welcome to attend and will receive a written invitation.

Keep in touch

As an active member of FGZ Alumni, you can trace your former classmates in our carefully maintained database with more than 4,300 entries.