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The Board of Governors

Dr. Thomas A. Frick, President
Dr. Christoph Wittmer, Principal
Adrienne Blass Kiss
Dr. Philip Dreiding
Edy Fischer
Prof. Dr. Lutz Jäncke
Prof. Dr. Juraj Hromkovic
Peter Felix
Prof. Dr. Renate Schubert
Mischa Vajda

Areas of responsibility

The School Association for Freies Gymnasium Zürich is the Governing Body of Freies Gymnasium Zürich. Its purpose is to prepare students for admission to university.
The School Association has the following responsibilities: election of the Board of Governors and an advisory role in important school matters. The responsibilities of the Governors of the School Association include controlling the activities of the School Association and the election of the Principal and main teachers.

The Board of Governors is at your disposal for questions, suggestions, and personal appointments. Please contact the administration office to make an appointment.