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Founded as a private Gymnasium in 1888, Freies Gymnasium Zürich is one of the oldest Gymnasiums in Zurich and enjoys long-standing tradition.

In our liberal-minded school with its deep roots in the humanistic tradition and Christian ethos, we guide and support our students in their efforts to achieve success in the Swiss Matura examination and develop independence. We support them in their personal growth and in developing their ability to take on responsibility.

Freies Gymnasium Zürich has a manageable size of around 540 students. The school has a friendly and family-like atmosphere. Thirty-six different subjects are taught by approximately 80 teachers.

Freies Gymnasium Zürich is the pioneer of truly bilingual education in secondary education levels l and II.  From the year 2000, the collaboration with Lakeside School ensured that there was authentic bilingual education available from Kindergarten right through to the Swiss Matura examination for the first time in the Canton of Zurich (Our Bilingual Way).

A school that has thrived since the end of the 19th century is, of course, characterised by certain traditions and ideas. The 125-year anniversary in 2013 proved to be the ideal opportunity for our teachers to reflect on the values that make our school what it is.

A group of teachers reflected on the educational values of Freies Gymnasium Zurich. In a long and intensive process, the group identified key educational values which have long shaped school life, and which will continue to have an impact in the future. The suggestions were unanimously approved by the teachers’ council on 24th September 2012.

The educational goals and values of the school were presented in the form of a cube, accompanied by an explanatory text (only available in German) which places these aims and values into context.

It is our aim to continue to allow these pedagogical goals and values to affect our work into the future.  We are continually working, through peer exchange and further training, to find ways to realise these goals and values on a daily basis. You can download the cube as a template here (only available in German). Simply cut, fold and paste it, and you can hold our educational values in the palm of your hand.

We take our students seriously. We take the time to listen to their concerns. The class teacher is the direct contact person for students and parents but the special subject teachers and School Management are also readily available for advice and assistance. The communication environment that we cultivate is characterised by open-mindedness, trust, respect and tolerance. Bullying and exclusion are not tolerated at Freies Gymnasium Zürich.

At Freies Gymnasium Zürich, we consider the individual support and encouragement of each student to be of great importance. We attach equal importance to developing a strong sense of community that works for the benefit of all. Students, teachers, as well as parents and School Management all have a vital role to play in creating a close school community.

We regard good cooperation with parents to be key. Teachers and parents complement each other in their efforts to accompany students on their educational path. It is only by working together that the high expectations of students and parents can be met and the demanding targets that are set can be achieved.

Community life is considered to be of great importance at Freies Gymnasium Zürich. A wide range of activities, both within and outside school, help to nurture school spirit. The school year is marked by various important landmarks, ranging from the opening ceremony at the beginning of the school term, to project weeks and field trips, art excursions and sport camps.

Freies Gymnasium Zürich has high expectations of its students. We admit outgoing young people who are able and willing to meet the required standards. We expect them to be committed to the values of our school and to display the necessary motivation to achieve the set targets. Entrance examinations and conditions for promotion to the next class are oriented to the required level of performance.

Our teachers do everything in their power to provide our students with the best possible support and guidance and to act as role models in their day-to-day dealings with each other.

The education programme offered by Freies Gymnasium Zürich is in line with the recommendations of the broad-based EVAMAR II - research study (2008). This revealed a positive relationship between the quality of education and the time spent at the Gymnasium. Lessons in both the Preparatory Classes and the Progymnasium are oriented towards the Gymnasium and taught by highly qualified special subject teachers. The curriculum adheres to Swiss specifications. After successfully completing the Swiss Matura examination, our students are qualified for admission to all Swiss and international universities.

Unlike most Swiss Gymnasiums, Freies Gymnasium Zürich does not have a probationary period for students as a rule. We believe that this helps new students to concentrate on settling in and developing their skills.