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Each profile is offered monolingually or bilingually.

The House Matura of Freies Gymnasiums Zürich is state-recognised in all profiles. Our teachers set the tasks, correct and grade the examinations.

Freies Gymnasium Zürich offers the following programmes:

•    Preparatory Class 5 following grade 4 of the
       primary school
•    Preparatory Class 6 following grade 5 of the
       primary school
•    Progymnasium: monolingual or bilingual
•    Lower School of the Gymnasium:
       monolingual or bilingual
•    Upper School of the Gymnasium:
       monolingual or bilingual

The profile

We offer a wide range of core subjects and supplementary subjects in the upper school of the Gymnasium. Students can choose from four study profiles:
•    Classics with Latin, and English or Greek as core
•    Modern Languages with Italian as core
•    Economics and Law with «Economics and Law» as
       core subject
•    Mathematics - Natural Sciences with Biology and
       Chemistry, or Applied Mathematics and Physics
       as core subjects


Monolingual education programme

The monolingual programme covers all the departments of FGZ – from the preparatory classes right through to the Swiss Matura examination. The development of the first language, German, is an important priority especially in the preparatory classes.


Bilingual education programme

FGZ is the pioneer of bilingual education in the Canton of Zurich. For the past 15 years it has enabled pupils to attend bilingual education from Kindergarten right through to university entrance level in collaboration with Lakeside School and other bilingual primary schools.