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Education programmes Freies Gymnasium Zürich

An overview of our education programmes
Freies Gymnasium Zürich offers the following programmes:

•    Preparatory class 5 following grade 4 of the primary school
•    Preparatory class 6 following grade 5 of the primary school
•    Progymnasium: monolingual or bilingual
•    Lower school of the Gymnasium: monolingual or bilingual
•    Upper school of the Gymnasium: monolingual or bilingual

We offer a wide range of core subjects and supplementary subjects in the upper school of the Gymnasium. Students can choose from four study profiles:

•    Classics with Latin, and English or Greek as core subjects
•    Modern Languages with Italian as core subject
•    Economics and Law with «Economics and Law» as core subject
•    Mathematics - Natural Sciences with Biology and Chemistry, or Applied Mathematics and Physics as core

Each profile is offered monolingually or bilingually.

The House Matura of Freies Gymnasiums Zürich is state-recognised in all profiles. Our teachers set the tasks, correct and grade the examinations.