Model United Nations

Model United Nations clubs are well established extra-curricular activities at English-speaking universities and secondary schools. Such clubs simulate the processes and debates of United Nations meetings, with members adopting the role of delegates representing different countries. These delegates aim to pass or block resolutions on controversial issues in world politics. MUN clubs frequently take part in conferences, where delegates gather from various (often international) universities, colleges and schools, and participate competitively.

The history of the Model United Nations at the FGZ began in 2019, when a group of students from the upper classes of the bilingual stream founded an MUN club and, within two semesters, sent a team to the Paris International MUN conference at the prestigious location of the Sorbonne and returned with a “Best Delegate Award”. Conference visits are now a regular part of the MUN programme; it has also organised guest speaker events in connection with the school’s activities in support of Ukraine.