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Drama society in brief

The world needs theatre!
Freies Gymnasium Zürich’s Theaterwerkstatt was founded in spring 1998. It set itself the goal of staging several performances of a drama production interpreted by our students for a wide public in autumn each year.

A positive influence on young people
Freies Gymnasium Zürich’s Theaterwerkstatt enables students to benefit from the positive impact of theatre. At the same time, the participants are exposed to the high artistic demands of staging a successful, high quality production with all the commitment and motivation that this entails. We also aim to draw the attention of a wider public to our school through the performances of our Drama Society.

Thank you for your support!

Freies Gymnasium Zürich’s Theaterwerkstatt would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for coming to see our productions in such large numbers. Our audiences help to turn our performances into “happenings”. Thank you for your continuing support.

Website: Theaterwerkstatt Freies Gymnasium