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Scholarship fund

Freies Gymnasium Zürich’s scholarship fund

Since 1986 Freies Gymnasium Zürich has had a scholarship fund which is largely financed by donations. The main purpose of the foundation is to enable our gifted students to remain at Freies Gymnasium Zürich, should the need arise, by taking over the payment of school fees either partially or entirely. Each year, a number of students benefit from these concessions.

Contributions to the scholarship fund are always on a voluntary basis and are tax deductible. As we would like to continue to provide this valuable support in the coming years, we rely on your generosity and we are grateful for every donation.

Thank you very much for your contribution
Credit Suisse
PC 80-500-4
IBAN CH11 0483 5058 9793 8000 1
Post Office account Nr. 80-10497-6

Foundation Board

Dr. Heinz Waser, Präsident
Martin Naville
Dr. Christoph Wittmer, Rektor