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Computer Studies

The teachers from the Computer Studies department currently teach three different subjects from secondary school l level. Keyboard typing, information and communication technology (ICT) and the supplementary subject Computer Studies are all offered by our school.

In keyboard typing young pupils learn the correct and error-free handling of what is still the most important input device of a computer: the keyboard. In addition they are introduced to the base modules of the ECDL which is actually the core element of our ICT education on the secondary school level. This is where the foundations are laid in understanding the principles and application of the programme to ensure that  pupils are able to study the various school subjects using their own devices later on in the Gymnasium. 

In the last two years of the Gymnasium, students are able to deepen their knowledge of the basics of computer science by choosing Computer Studies as a supplementary subject. This involves programming, calculating, discussing, questioning and recognizing with amazement how multifaceted the influence of IT is in our present times.

Computer Studies teachers

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