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Geography from the ancient Greek for 'earth'  and gráphein meaning 'describe' is an academic discipline which has undergone millennia of development. Geography, as we know it today, has long since detached itself from merely describing.

The students learn to understand the interaction and mutual influence of man and nature, and to evaluate processes which have caused changes in habitats. Geography contains elements of both natural and social scientific thinking and is thus a link between the two fields. In addition, it promotes the awareness of interrelations and supports in particular the interdisciplinary treatment of current themes. The focus is on a responsible approach to diverse cultural and living spaces.

Among the numerous topics covered in Geography the focus is on the following (1st to 6th class): solar system, planet Earth, Europe, neighbouring countries of Switzerland, an overview of Africa/Asia/ Australia, Switzerland, meteorology, geographic information systems (GIS), USA, geology, developing countries.

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