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Preparatory classes

We are the class teachers of the preparatory classes, the youngest members of our school. It is with great pleasure, commitment and sensitivity that we introduce these pupils to our school and the world of FGZ. There are many things for them to get used to in their first year: a longer school journey, as well as finding their place in a school that at first seems to be full of students who are almost adults and large numbers of teachers. To ensure that the two preparatory classes V6 get to know each other quickly, we hold a class camp already before the autumn break. It always takes place in Magliaso and is the first highlight of the school year for teachers and pupils. The V5 class also has a class camp. In these camps the children have the chance to enjoy a wide range of experiences and we are quite proud to say that the pupils often look back on these weeks with great affection when they are older.

Back at school particularly during the strenuous assessment period, we support and encourage our pupils when they occasionally feel disappointed or nervous about exams; we give them practical tips and advice, as well as being available to parents for support and assistance when it comes to finding the best school solutions for their children for the coming years. This calls for empathy, as well as perseverance and patience; qualities that characterise our team. The high level of cooperation and confidentiality within the team is what makes the difference. A good team spirit is not just essential for the children but also for the teachers.

The wide-ranging tasks that we fulfil as class teachers are, however, just part of our work as we also have responsibility for one or more subjects, both in the preparatory classes and in the Gymnasium, just like the other special subject teachers in the preparatory classes.

Teachers of the preparatory classes

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